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Saturday, August 25, 2007

my Dairy 25/8/2007

25/8/2007---Today I wake up early but not go school is go attend a driving lesen cause.(khusus amali)

From9am until 2pm, that is 6 hour and sit in a room listen a people talking ,talking,talking many thing.^^got little bit boring,a guy that sit beside me was fall into sleep.

About 2.30pm, the diving school agen bring me go back home,he tell me next thursday ,Ican get my L lesen.(L lesen is =Learinig lesen) ,so i can start learn to drive car from next friday,then I can go register P lesen for drive on the road.

WHen come back home ,I was tired because sit 6 hour in a room ,I was fall into sleep,when I wake up already 8pm.I feel hungry and quickly go eat my dinner.After that I go play a game that I buy yesterday by using Ps2.That is a fun game.Before sleep I was update my blog and visit my favourite forum (

About11pm, I was feel tired and close computer.Hope tomolo have a GREAT day ^^.
TOday my spend is :

  • L lesen =RM300
  • Lunch(2 roti)=RM1

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