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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My diairy at22/8/07

22/8/2007--TOday is my school holiday but My school got study camp,I wake up late today,when reach school already 10am,the study camp already start halfway.

I try my best to follow back what the teacher teach.At 2pm ,the study camp was finish, I take my beg go home,my best freind,Kenneth was let me test to drive his car.This is the second time I drive car without lesen .Haha^^ but nvm this saturday I will go take car lesen.

about 3.15pm ops, me forgot to go tuisyen,I quicklly run to the tuisyen centre,is just infront of the SUnway pyramid,I was five year study in bandar SUnway,this shopping centre(sunway pyramid) almost like me and my friend meeting point.

7.30pm, I was go back home from bandar sunway,reach home I was feel tired but I still open internet to enjoy my research of share market,today the share market start to turn better and become stable back.

After 3 hour ,I lastlly update my dairy in this blog and visit to my favourite forum.Today is a happy day , hope tomolo having a better day.^^I decide to update my spend list since today.

Hon Fei spend list today :

  • Lunch(roti kosong+teh ais+milo ais)

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