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Monday, August 20, 2007

----20/8/2007----TOday my computer just take back from repair ,sory for few day no update this blog,yesterday is my 17 year old birthday,thanks for those people that wish me .Hope you all good luck also.hehe.Now I 17 yeard old already.
TOday althought is School holiday but me still want go school for study camp I wake up early in the morning and go to school untill 12.30pm,then I follow my dad go back his office to manage the dokument and invois in the office,untill 8pm .The sky is dark but I not feel tired but happy,I was love to do those office job .
about 8.30 I and my father reach home,today i can update my blog already because my computer just take back from repair,last friday US bank was anoucement drop bank interest that is 0.5%.This was effect the market stop dropping and start to raise a bit .
Today Malaysia KLSE was raise over 50 point and over 1000 listed company price is raising,but many stock still haven raise back to the original price.IN this 2 week, those investor that invest future index was earning many .Example Malaysia future is RM50 per point,if drop 200point the future investor will earn RM10000. If they buy short,IF buy long that is loss RM10000 haha.Stock market is a adventure game,it can make a lot of fun and also SAD.
SOmetime stockmarket can make your life more colourful.Are you agree???

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