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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

my diary---21/8/2007

21/8/07---Today I go to school early in the morning,today is ekonomi class,is a boring class,after the class me and my friend go to sunway pyramid play game,since I working part time from last year, this is my first time go cybercafe play game,I almost duno how to play.
WE enjoy the game untill 4.30 then i take my father car with him go back office ,I help him arrage the invois untill 7pm.I started to enjoy the office life.After that we both go back home and have a dinner.
Then I go back room and enjoy the internet, and research the share market about 4hour.Lastlly I update my blog and visit my favourite forum :
THen I feel tired and tomolo still need to go back school study SO i decide to sleep and good nite.Hope tomolo have a good luck day .^^

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