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Friday, July 20, 2007

Which aset is good??

In our life,we got many aset


  • house

  • car

  • factory
  • shop

  • cash
  • land

House can make us live in comfortable,this is a aset that we must,car can let us go some place more faster,factory can make money by produce product,shop can let us sell thing to earn ,cash can let us use it easy ,and land can let us get rental.

Are those thing can keep value???

House-if it locate in a good place it maybe can be a good invesment product,it maybe can rise 200%from the original price,or if it locate a bad place the original price of that house can be drop can make you earn money also can let you loss money

Car-car always is a liability because when you buy a car, from the first day,your car cannot sell back to original price,it must make you loss money,car 100%cannot make any profit to can bring you easy but cannot make you earn.

Factory &shop--factory and shop is a building that can make you earn money by produce product or selling product,you can do business in this aset,it maybe can make you rich by using this aset.

Land-land can make us to build,also can be a investment product,you can rent it or use it youself,it also one of the aset can make you rich.

Cash-cash is the most liquid aset you can use it anywhere,you can use it to buy thing or investment.

My idea:

If you want to sell house,factory,shop or land is hard to sell it maybe want use about 2-3year to get back money although your aset is raise value,because you must get a buyer to buy it.If you buy 1 stock and sell it to earn the margin , you also must wait at least 3 day to bank ,Cash is the most liquid aset,you can use it anytime when you want it.

But most important asset in this world is LOVE,it will keep value when you need them,them will come to help you.

YOu got what aset now ??can you share it???

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