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Saturday, July 21, 2007


What is KLCI?

KLCI=Kuala Lumpur Composite Index

It start at in 1986 to know the stock market index which would serve as an accurate performance indicator of the Malaysian stock market as well as the economy Malaysia.

It contains 100 companies from the Main Board with approximately 500 to 650 listed companies in the Main Board Example: TM(telekom Malaysia),Tenaga National,Genting the big capital company and blue chips stock.SO if more percentage of composite company stock price drop it will effect the composite index drop.

History of KLCI:
1986 - KLCI was introduced
1993 - KLCI surpasses 1275.32
1994 - The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Bhd (KLSEB) re-named Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
1995 - the number of component companies was increased to 100
1997 - Due to the Asian Financial Crisis KLCI Slumped more than 500 points within 6 month

1998 - KLCI slumped to the lowest ever at 261.330 in August
1998 - KLCI worst performance volume at 15,907,400 - Average over days in Month
2000 - KLCI tops back to 974.380
2004 - KLSE was Re-named Bursa Malaysia

2005-AirAsia was inducted to the KLCI on July 1, 2005

2006- KLCI reach first 1000 point in November since 21-centurery

*Hope the Asian Financial Crisis at 1997 never come again

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