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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Short term or long term investment

When you make investment in Share market:

You must buy low sell high,to earn the margin got 3 type of skill
  1. Play contra sell in 3 trading day,earn the margin without pay any money
  2. Play short term keep it few month if drop quickly cut lose or sell it in few month
  3. Play long term keep it over 1 year or 3 year or more than that.

Which type will make your get more profit/return???

Play contra will make you earn money in one day without any started money but the return is maybe 30% or 80% but this is a high risk skill,it maybe will make you lose money or force selling by bank if the share market is drop

Play short term can for the goreng counter,maybe can bring you some profit,but you must put the money into share market.EXAMPLE:TIME,TIMECOM,Dbhd

Long term keep is one of mine most favourite skill,you can choose a stock with a bright future and good potiential even is loss money company(*but cannnot loss too much money*)because this kind company will let you gained mbig profit maybe 300% or more than that .

Example:Genting or public if you keep since 10year before that you maybe now is a milionare and other low price stock like SUNWAY,Oilcorp,Insas

  • Sunway at march2007 onlyRM0.51 now july 2007 already RM1.50

=over200%=over 50 year fix deposit

So your will choose short term or Long term plz give some comment????

*this is only myself opinion before investment plz ask your profesional remisier*

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