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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My dairy at 12/8/2007

12/8/2007---TOday is SUNday,everbody like sunday but me not really like sunday because sunday very boring nothing to do.Today my mother and my father go back my grandmother house,so no body at home.I was feel lonely and go bookshop buy 1 book call(易经)yi jing.
I like this book so much ,it include many lesson and advice,this book has about 265 page,I start read it at 2.30pm.It was really a good book to read it teach us everything is this world will change,when someting reach the climaks, it will be slowly end because by many factor.Example when a moon become full moon,after that the moon will become half moon.SO we must be carefull when our life reach climaks.
about 4pm I feel hungry because I forgot to eat my lunch,I quicklly go kitchen and start cooking maggie mee,about 5 minute ,my lunch already can be serve.
After eat my lunch I continue read that book.WHen 7pm my parent come back form my grandmother house and my MSN messenger show many messege.I stop reading book and replay them.After that ,My parent bring me go eat my dinner.After DInner I continue read my book.About 8.30pm,I finally finish my book.This book make me learn many thing and knowledge.Tomolo is Malaysia market open market ,many people ask in forum about the market will continue drop or raise.
THen i start to research the Malaysia market about 1 hour and update my blog.Although today no go anywhere shopping, but I get read a nice book.Hope tomolo market have a bull market,since 1987,1997 finiancial criss, I think many country start to prevent finiancial criss and have many international reserve,Malaysia now already have RM340.1 billion in Bank negara for international reserve.I think this is only a adjustment for share market,the fake will be break one day if all the investor calm down.Share market is make up/control by human.

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