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Monday, August 13, 2007

my diary at 13/8/2007


----TOday is school day no more weekend,I wan to force myself wakeup early,then go to school at 7am.Me alone eating my bread in the class,no teacher know me in the class eating because I close the classroom light.

When 1pm is my lunch time,I like normal go library play computer,I research stock market and my blog at there.At noon, the Malaysia and other asia share market start to back to the normal,I think is because the bank negara throw money to help the share market.

After finish school ,I from my school walk to the SUnway pyramid about walking half hour, then I only reach my tusyen centre,I was tired before walk in tuisyen centre, I go to a mamak restaurant eat a plate INDO mee and 1 Teh ice.THis menu I never change before.The price is RM4.20.

WHen 7pm I go back my home and eat my dinner.THen I go computer research the share market, and visit the forum and update my blog,I spend many time for using internet, today got 1 share out of PN17 and the stock price raise 200% in 1 day..About 10pm. I start feel sleepy .This was a boring day for me because got some teacher no come today.Wish Malaysia share market will continue the bull market.

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