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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My dairy at 14/8/2007

14/8/2007----TOday wake up early,and go school like normal,reach school 7.40.THen I go down line up .
Today is a boring day,many teacher no come,beside SENI and Accaunt perior ,I nothing to do,some teacher no come, some teacher say teach finish so no study.
TOday lunch time , I go computer lab alone,I search some share market net at there, I learn many thing from net.
About3.30pm , my father wait me at the school guard house,then we go buy macdonald eat and then we go back office.I now start to write invois and statement for my father business.
about 7 pm we go back home together,then eat dinner together, I feel very happy can work together with father ,better than school life.THen I doing myshare market repot and research with about few hour.About10pm i felt tired and go to bed sleep.HOpe tomolo have a nice day.^^

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