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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Will it come again??

Today I read the newspapaer,almost all the newspaper also ask about will the finiancial criss wil come again????because every 10 year ,the share market will drop .Example:1987,1997finiancial criss.

So this year is 2007,will it come back again? Now many people believe the digit number 7 will bring bad luck to stock market,On last friday united state index drop almost 300point,in Malaysia also drop almost 30 point,will this monday countinue?

Last 20 year happen finiancial criss ,I think is many people no notice and the govement also no prepare for finiancial criss,add on the first &second world war had happen,many country still not complete rebuild.

But now 2007 ,many country has rebuild their economy and start to develop,and many country govement and investor are prepare for the finiancial criss,and Malaysia this year international reserve is ( RM339.7 billion ).That mean our country international reserve is more and more than the 1997.

I think Malaysia can face it and pass this year ,and make it 7 is our lucky number and not our bad luck number.Share market is made up by human .

My experience on friday:

This morning i wake up feel sick so no go school,when i open the internet ,Malaysia share market (KLSE) composite drow more than 30 point,whole screen is red colour my short term stock also red (TIME&TIMEDOTCOM)),but when i go out eat my breakfast come back ,FROm all the red digit, i found that my stock (time&timecom)suddenlly become GREEN,i think is goreng by other people,i sell it at RM0.87 and earn?????(scret)hehe^^. After i sell it ,this stock rush to RM0.92,but i no regret,because i already sell it.AT close market price my sotck (TIME&TIMECOM)at RM0.865%RM1.40,in green digit.That day I feel happy and plan to see a mvie as a reward.I know this time i was lucky because this 2company is a bad company,but this 2 company is link with govement,so i invest this 2 stock as short term.This is a good friday ,but is a bad friday to other people.

Who will earn in this Friday: I think is the future &sport index investor,1point in Malaysia composite index is RM50,if 30 point is about RM1500 point,if got 10 contract is RM15000.

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