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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is IPO company???

IPO = Initial public offering

(IPO)company is the first sale of a corporations common shares to investors on a public stock exchange.example:bursa Malaysia.

Advantage of IPO:

  • you can get more capital easy

  • your company will become famous

  • your company can develop faster

  • the major shareholer(director of the ocmapany)will get high return when the share price is raise

Disadvantage of IPO:

  • IPO cost will be higher than sdn bhd

  • COmpany must requiment rule of SEC

  • Magnement will feel stress because is public company

  • THe company director maybe can loss control in his company

  • the company will effect by stock market,if the stock market drop
DO you to IPO your company????

infomation of IPO in bursa malaysia :

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