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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My story about how i get to know share market

How do you know about stock market?

  • By newspaper

  • By internet

  • By movie

  • by tv show

  • by your friend

  • by your family

I remember i first time know about stock market is from my father ,my father also first time play share ,so he also duno what is share market,he listen to his friend buy in SPSETIA but duno how to see the price ,He call me help him see the price everyday from newspaper,so everyday i doing a same job, that time me only 13year old, i not really know what is share market. this is the first time i touch share market.

WHen i form 3(15 year old) ,i was see a japan movie about stock market,That movie is about a boy cannot find job in his life,after that he get a teacher teach him share market and earn many money in his life.

I like this movie so much, after that i try go forum,internet,website,and ask my father remisier about share market,i start to know what is share market,i also try to make many investment friend form the internet,I start to use my father accaunt to play share

That was the story how i like to play share,This year me 17 year old,I already sell/buy share in share market almost 3 year,I start can remember the share name and price.

PLay share can train my menmory to remember to price and name,train my calculate by calculate the price ,lot,dividen,and many.....,i also make many friend by playing share,they share they opnion and experience,I also start to know how Malaysia economy and many company profile how theyr un their business.

PLaying share really teach me many thing in my life &make my life more knowledge.This year me SPM,i wish can get good resultin ekonomi asas ,because this 3 year i almost everyday read about finiancial news and bank news and other......

This is the story of me how i get to know about share market and my history.Thanks for read and enjoy it or also can share your story also.

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