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Thursday, August 30, 2007

National day Malaysia,Let celebrate

Happy merdeka,today ogos31 2007 is our country National day and also a public holiday haha.My parent no work,me no school.Morning open the tv show all is the national day advertisement and all the merdeka show
31/8/2007----Yesterday I finish school ,I follow my friend go back his house at sunway,then I follow him go a church,at church there got almost 2000 people, there dance and sing in the church and read bible untill 11pm.
About 11.30pm I reach Sunway pyramid ,there are some firework to see at the sunway resort ,there also many people I feel not comfortable at such place with so many people,Me meet my cousin at sunway pyramid, then I go back home wit him.I was feel tired when reach home,I quickly go having a bath then sleep.^^Happy merdeka in Malaysia today.1 more thing I feel happy is I have my L lesen (learning lesen) in my life so I can start to learn driving car .
Today my spend:Lunch time-----kuih--RM3
Dinner-------teh ais+roti kosong---RM2.20
total spend----------------RM5.20

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