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Monday, August 27, 2007

27/8/2007---TOday is the first day of school after the 1 week holiday,me force to wake up early,then go school,like normal me study untill break I eat my breakfast alone in classs, then study study.......
12.50pm my lunch time today when i go library, the library was use by the primary kid,me cannot use internet in library, then I go back the school compound and meet my freind,I feel no topik with my classmate ,I think me poor in social skill anyone teach me on this ???
3.30pm my school finish today is monday I wan walk to my tuisyen ( in front sunway pyramid) nabout 30min then I study untill 6.30pm and call my father to take me back.I reach house at 7.45pm,then I go take bath and use my room internet.The tmnet streamyx today down again,I again want to call their customer service 1300-88-9515 for them,after half hour finally can use internet already,I hope Malaysia can have another internet provider,tm net streamyx become very slow already.
I update my blog, research share market,visit my forum, and download some song,after that already 10pm,Maybe tomolo I ponteng school,because feel boring and no friend at school,I start to scared go school,this year I already start to ponteng school.DUn ask me why ,I also duno.anyone can answer me???
* I stop here hope tomolo have a better day*

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