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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28/8/2007 My dairy

28/8/2007-------Today me ponteng school, plz dun tell my teacher,since last time I scoled my friend , I feel me no more friend ,and always stay myself alone.hope after this year can all come again rebulit my life,I today feel scared to go school,so I bring my sejarah(history) book home.

I go my father office study this book whole day,I learn to write quatation and cast sale resit for customer.I learn many thing in my father office .

I feel freedom and no stress at there,today my lunch is a nice fried rice at the restaurant near my father office,It is a nice fried rice, I like it so much.About7pm me go back home and go back my room to do research share market about my share.usually I go few website to check

  • thestar
  • chinapress
  • hlgebiz
  • cari.chinese
  • bursamalaysia
  • banknegara(bnm)........

the lastly is my blog ,I lastlly update my blog ,tomolo is school day already,I decide go back school tomolo,so I need to sleep early tobight.bye Good nite hope tomolo have a nice day.^^

Today spent$$$:

  • Fried rice---RM5


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