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Saturday, February 2, 2008

5/2/2008---Two more day is chinese New year , This year is rat year , also is my 18 year old year , My father there was closed today, I haven go buy my new shirt . I still few lost for my future road . who can tell me how to walk it after the chinese new year ?
Work / Study ??

Who can give me the answer ? _______________

My father face a big finiancial problem at this year , because his busines start to decrease , I feel him already lost his mind and feel confuse . But me can 't help him anything. I feel useless . Inow resign job already .SO I no more Income , the share market this few month also not very good .

MY Predict:

I think a big bull market will comming in the next few month , when all the people lost almost all their money and mind ,then the bull market will started , I think share market is playing a Physiology , a mind and mood game . We want to win it (SHare Market ) , we must good in control our EQ and emotion .

Who hav a good EQ , he/she will Win this investment game .

Tips :
When the Spring will come ? This year ? Like my teacher say , we should hav positive thinking , After a cool winter , then the warm Sping season will coming soon .


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