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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my Dairy 19/9/2007

19/9/2007-----TOday I go back school study,today school teacher always do revision .It is a boring day today.

TOday the market is not bad, in afternoon the KLCI almost rise 21 point,today I feel the govement link company stock price always very stable .Example RHB,2 year before RHB is only RM0.30,now already RM5.60.almost 2000%.a teribble stock.MAS and Proton also a govement company, but almost can from loss money become profit company.

This is my opinion only ,7pm I reach home form tusyen and start to research sotck market about 3 hour,after that I fell tired and go sleep.Wish tomolo the market will better.Some people predict tomolo market will drop little bit ,because many people without patience and wan to cut loss.

TOday spent:

Lunch:Indo mee+ teh ais =RM4.20

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