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Monday, September 17, 2007

My dairy--17/9/2007

17/9/2007--------Today I go school like normal ,today my sejarah trial result come out already I falied already only 45mark,the passing mark is 50. I feel down and the Malaysia market also look down and low volume.

3.30pm I finish school and walk to the tusyen centre and having my lunch there.about 7pm I reach home and eat my dinner.After that I open the computer and today 700 stock market drop all is red ,the top gained stock of otday is sunway-...... It raise 30 sen today.

Remember th 5p (patience,prepare,predict,people and preserve)----I tihnk now is the time to be patience and predict and also people. The investor look like panic in this time,so the market got something will happen in this year already.

TOmolo I decide skip one day school ,I want rest and decide to do my revision in home.SO I stop it here.Bye wish market will GOod in next day.Are the cow go eat grass already???^^

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