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Sunday, January 6, 2008

6/1/2007--TOday is SUnday , a bad mood sunday , tomolo is morning got meeting in my company I may report my sale , but my sale only hav 1 so I may scoled by them .A tension job I feel stress and cannot relax in every min ...HOw is my Chinese new year in next month no mood to hav my new year ...HOw???

I today morning go GIant and get a dealer but nth to use because dealer no give me any Sale so far ...we still dun hav any ative dealer , TOmolo wat I am going to do ??who can tell me ??god ???? I think that job not suitable for me ,I may resign it next month If still no sale .My situation is dealer hav , but no sale at all .

I feel I waste my petrol toll fee and my uniform fee ,I feel useless , cannot do anything to give this world ??wat should I do ????Hope tomolo will good mood ....After work this job I start to feel sad , cannot sleep cannot eat and no mood always.........Why this job make me so stressfull ???I start to think back my School time menmory ,are my life always get bully ??when I am in school my classmate always bully me ,then the girl say me weak ...

WHen come out working , in Office ,my supervisor and couledge also give me many job but not my job ..I help them do their job and get scoled by manager .THe people sayagan , HONFEI y u always bully by people ??? I tihnk I failed at all , when study study hard cannot get good result, working hard also cannot good result .......are this is my luck ??bad??good ??

BUlly and WEAK are the word always apear in my life .....I feel very tired ,tired , no body support..............I feel LIFE is no meaning less ....Uselsess and no meaning life......


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