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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My dairy--25/9/2007--中秋节快乐(mooncake festival)

Happy Mooncake Festival:
25/9/2007---TOday is mooncake festival,why call it mooncake festival??because this day we must eat moonkcake.....
TOday I no go school because (20%lazy,40%boring,40%Fewer).I wake up at 8am , and quicklly go take bath and take my breakfast then follow my father go work.
At 5 Pm we only come back home ,a very tired day, when reach home mother already cook many type of delicious food.After that I go back to my room and start my research of market about 3 hour........
When 10pm , my eyes feel tired and go bed and sleep,this year my house no celebrate for mooncake festival, a lonely festival in tihs year, I remember last year I live in kampung(village),many of friend play tanglung eat mooncake, play fire work,everyyear also got 1 nice mooncake festival but, this year I move to city ,and no more friend and firework.....Hope next year will have a great celebration for this festival.
TOday my spend ===RM0

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