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Friday, September 14, 2007

My dairy--14/9/2007

14/9/2007---Today is my schoo last exam day,I finish my exam and go back home by my father lorry.Today I accidentally scoled my father about his business,I very regret because I think me still small , not enough knowledge to scoled him.I"m here say SOrry to my father.He should know how to manage his business,I think I can"t give him opinion in his business,he will think me still small duno wat is business.

SO from today started I dun campur tangan and give opinion in his business already,I tihnk I study better, because I try to give opinion , I will scoled by my father and my brother,my brother now working wit my father ,I think my brother should can help my father.I decide to give opinion to their business .

The art of war (sun zhe bing fa) say, if the king not listen and trust you 100%,you should leave the king ,because if the king not trust u,he will always disturp your plan and make you trouble.

At about 5pm I come back home already ,today I feel relax because finish exam already,this few day the share market also drop,only the cruel oil price raise until 80 dolar.

Add on many country happen natural disaster and Japan PM lose his job,hehe,I tihnk the market now very not safe now .ANytime is finiancial criss.

About 9pm,I feel tired and decide to sleep. bye thanks and wish u enjoy my blog.whis the market will better .

TODAY SPEND: RM0 *because wholeday stay at home*^^

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