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Monday, September 3, 2007

3/8/2007 My dairy


Today is my school trial exam , Today is Bm paper 1 and paper 2 test,today no study all just exam in the school hall,very relax.

Today lunch time I first time eat in school canteen ,then I go study at the park in the school compound I feel enjoy for study alone.After finish school ,because today got tuisyen so ,I walk again to the sunway pyramid from my school about 30min.

.30pm I went back home then open my computer and enjoy the internet.THen I research the stock market today,The us market last friday was rise 100 point, some people say the president Goerge bush was try to help the market.TOday goreng stock is (L&G),this stock look alredy rise everyday without many reason.I think it wil drop back soon maybe tomolo.

After read news paper lastlly I update this blog, then I see the tomolo time table is EST and english paper.SO bye I go sleep early got save energy for tomolo trial test .Bye wish me have a nice result.^^

TOday spent$$$$

  • Lunch(biscuit)---RM1.50
  • Mamak(teh ais + indo mee)---RM4.20
  • total -------------------RM5.70

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